Bonus Episode 11 / Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Halloween Horror Night 2018

Join Film Tank for a special episode as two hosts detail their experience at Halloween Horror Nights.

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Episode 172 / Halloween (2018)

Halloween 2018

Film Tank looks at the latest reincarnation of Michael Meyers and his killer franchise.

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Episode 171 / Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale

Film Tank checks into the El Royale to see if it’s as “bad” as the title suggests.

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Episode 170 / Venom


Tom Hardy, Eminem, a Spider-Man villain, and Ronald McDonald played by Woody Harrelson? What more could you want from a movie like Venom?

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Episode 169 / The Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Film Tank takes a look back at Sam Raimi’s cult favorite The Evil Dead.

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Episode 168 / Mandy


Nicholas Cage is back, baby!! Film Tank discusses his latest trip in Mandy.

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Episode 167 / Batman (1989)


The Film Tank hosts sit down and talk about… Batman. Again.

Episode 167 / Batman (1989)

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Episode 166 / Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights

On the latest episode, hosts Alex and Toussaint try to discuss Boogie Nights while Nick geeks out about his two favorite things in life: Paul Thomas Anderson and golden age erotica.

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Episode 165 / Army of Shadows

Army of Shadows

Film Tank welcomes a first-time guest by looking at the Jean-Pierre Mellville classic of French resistance in WW2 with Army of Shadows.

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Episode 164 / Do the Right Thing & BlacKkKlansman


We take a look at Spike Lee with his rise to prominence and his recent resurgence in relevance with a look at his classic Do the Right Thing, and his latest BlacKkKlansman.

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