Month: February 2016

Episode 51 / Gattaca


February Favorites continue this week with Toussaint’s favorite film: Andrew Niccol’s 1997 Gattaca. Join the Film Tank hosts as they dissect this futuristic sci-fi noir. Utopias are all fun and games until somebody loses their legs.

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Bonus Episode 09 / Deadpool


On this bonus episode, the hosts discuss the latest Marvel superhero film Deadpool. Did it live up to the elongated developmental hell it was stuck in for almost a decade? Find out on this bonus episode of Film Tank.

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Episode 50 / Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar!

The future is here, and so is the new Coen brothers’ film: Hail, Caesar! The Film Tank hosts sit down to discuss whether or not this film’s depiction of Christ, err I mean Eddie Mannix, is tasteful enough. Unfortunately there ain’t no dames on this episode, so you’re stuck with Alex, Toussaint and Nick as they parse through the most recent outing from the Coens. It’s a religious experience, to say the least.

Episode 50 / Hail, Caesar!

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Episode 49 / Magnolia

Magnolia Final Shot

Welcome to the month of February, where Film Tank is celebrating ‘February Favorites!.” In the first part of this three part series, the hosts sit down to discuss Nick’s favorite film: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. Ribbit.

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Bonus Episode 08 / 2016 Sundance Film Festival

2016 Sundance Film Festival

Two Film Tank hosts travel down to Park City and did nothing but watch films for five straight days. That’s right, we attended the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. In this bonus episode, Alex and Nick chronicle their week in Park City and goes through each of the 19 films they saw and share their various opinions, spoiler-free.

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