Month: October 2016

Episode 80 / Margin Call


Film Tank reviews JC Chandor’s debut film, Margin Call. Or as Nick calls it: “Glenn, Gary, Glen, and Ross Crash the Housing Market.” Whatever you do, don’t take your dog to see it.

Episode 80 / Margin Call

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Episode 79 / Don’t Breathe


Don’t listen to the title, breathing is perfectly healthy and necessary. In this episode, Film Tank discusses the new horror-thriller film from Fede Alvarez in which three asshole teens see a blind man for what he really is…

Episode 79 / Don’t Breathe

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Episode 78 / Following


Film Tank discusses the film made just before Christopher Nolan developed a following, with his debut film Following. (This is why we need a copy editor on Film Tank…)

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Episode 77 / Persona

Ingmar Bergman's Persona
At the behest of a guest, the Film Tank crew sits down to discuss Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 classic, Persona.

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